The team

At Prolectric, our Research and Development (R&D) team embodies a powerhouse of expertise, blending academic rigor with practical know-how.

With qualifications in Renewable Energy, the Built Environment and in Physics with Nanotechnology, our team navigates the complexities of solar and hybrid technology with finesse. From skilled electricians to adept CAD designers, lighting designers, software developers, electronics designers, network engineers, and project managers, every member contributes a unique skill set, fostering innovation at every stage.

Together, we strive to push the boundaries of possibility, shaping the future of sustainable off-grid solar solutions.

Tackling the key issues

Our talented team are passionate about redefining expectations and setting new engineering standards to innovate, design and build sustainable solar lighting, hybrid power technology and advanced telematics software.

Our product innovation plan tackles key areas we need to address to achieve our vision so that we can:

  • listen to our clients
  • listen to the market
  • collaborate with you
  • design and build products that the industry need

Our vision is to educate, help and enable businesses to switch to more sustainable onsite solutions as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Through extensive in-house R&D we have further developed a range of sustainable off-grid solar and battery-powered products to service the traditionally diesel heavy sectors. We have proven, through research and development, considerable seasonal and climatic testing and real-world projects that our sustainable technology cannot just reduce but, in some cases, can completely replace these fossil fuel fleets.

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Our Ambition

The world’s off-grid energy needs will be powered with smart, clean, renewable technology.

From 1W up to 60kW

Our technology could decarbonize up to 42% of the UK’s off-grid generator market* saving 342,484 tons of CO2e from entering Earth’s atmosphere each year.

*2019 ONS – 27113110 (CN 850211) – Generating sets UK.

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New developments for the future

We are constantly engaged in pioneering research projects aimed at enhancing current solar technology and forging new pathways for the future.

Our dynamic team spearheads multiple research projects, both independently funded and in collaboration with other organizations. From refining existing methodologies to pioneering cutting-edge processes, our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. We leverage our expertise and collaborative spirit, to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of sustainable lighting and power for industry, driving progress and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.

All elements of function, viability and cost benefit are well understood and a far cry from the bolt on answers of the past. Our in-house R&D team are confident that quality control is assured at every stage and that compliance is covered off on everything that is within your product.


AWC-8 Boost

Working with the European Space Agency, we delivered a mobile solar hybrid system that can power ground-based receivers for OneWeb’s LEO constellation that works all over the world.

We further built a web-based system specification tool for remote management of the unit from anywhere in the world.

The product was launched at the their HQ, Harwell Campus and will be moving to commercialization with the Oneweb team this year.

ProPower 3-Phase

We expanded the ProPower’s application envelope to wider power loads. Headline specifications include:

  • A 3-phase solar-battery solution
  • 30 kVA or 45 kVA inverter power
  • 100 kWh of Li-Ion storage
  • Links with generators up to 100 kVA


We look to deliver innovative products, against our 5-year development plan, to remain market leaders within the solar, battery and off-grid solutions space.

ProRXM Hybrid

We adapted our existing ProRXM Solar Tower light, with its compact footprint, to create a space-efficient solar hybrid lighting tower, the ProRXM Hybrid. It can run on a single tank of fuel for an entire year due to utilizing solar power first.

Expansion into a new market

Our expansion into the US market required small adaption’s to our product lines to align with the requirements in the USA.

Have a project in mind?

We are always interested in new collaborations, as well as offering confidential R&D for commercial clients. Please contact us via the submission form below or see our contact page for more information.

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