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We work with a number of key transport and logistics customers who have adopted our products due to their quick installation, zero carbon emissions, zero noise and overall ease of use. Our permanent lighting installations and our temporary lighting and power solutions are widely used across the industry.

Airports, ports, logistics and storage hubs have various challenges, including environmental concerns, rising fuel costs, and the need for sustainable solutions. As the first-to-market solar expert we offer innovative solutions that help overcome these challenges and drive positive change in the transport and logistics sectors.

Reliable lighting

The need for reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions for high traffic areas, depots, warehouses, and loading areas is another challenge to overcome. Traditional grid-powered lighting systems can be costly to install and maintain, especially in remote or off-grid locations.

Our permanent and temporary solar powered lighting solutions offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative. By utilising solar energy, our lighting systems provide reliable light without the need for grid connectivity, reducing the initial hassle and cost of installations and reducing the ongoing costs.

An additional benefit of our solar street lights is that they are protected against power cuts. As the UK electrical grid faces increasing demand from EV charging and a reduction in the use of gas, minimising the reliance on on-grid energy is a positive move that many large commercial estates are taking.

Reducing costs

With large sites such as those within the transport and logistics sectors, the cost of lighting these spaces for 12-16 hours a day can be extremely expensive. Lighting is fundamentally necessary for safety of those traveling around the site and commonly required for operatives to work throughout the night.

Transitioning to solar powered lighting provides significant cost reductions in both cost of powering each light as well as fixing cabling issues when they arise. Moreover, replacing whole units at the end of their lifespan can be expensive.

Our solar lighting solutions remove the need to worry about all of these costs and frustrations when things go wrong, and each of the components of our lights are easily replaceable, removing the need for replacing whole units, saving you money and reducing the embodied carbon cost.

Reducing emissions

One of the primary challenges facing the transport and logistics sectors is the environmental impact of their operations. Traditional diesel powered equipment contributes to air pollution and carbon emissions, exacerbating climate change and impacting on the health of those around the facilities.

Most large businesses in the transport and logistics sectors have set out a Net-Zero plan and will need to transition away from diesel generators and diesel temporary lighting towers.

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