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We work with key civil engineering and contractor businesses across the UK construction market, either directly or through our rental partners.

Our temporary lighting and power solutions, powered by solar, enables us to support construction businesses to reduce their costs, carbon emissions, noise on their sites and the hassle of refuelling diesel generators and tower lights.

Our products are reduced or zero-fuel alternatives, with lowered emissions, giving smart solar replacements to diesel powered products, accelerating customers away from fossil fuels.

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Diesel alternatives in construction

Construction businesses in the UK are under increasing pressure to transition away from diesel powered plant equipment. Diesel powered generators and lighting towers are responsible for a significant amount of the 6-million tonnes of CO2e emitted by the UK construction industry every year and are a major factor in a construction site’s carbon footprint.

Recently, the Construction Leadership Council published its objective to get the constructions industry’s best 500 firms to eliminate diesel generators from their sites by 2025. This is to support their target to reduce diesel consumption on sites by 78% by 2035. All of this amounts to a significant need for renewable energy on every construction site.

We were the first to commit to sustainable, reliable, consistent off-grid power as a viable alternative to diesel within the construction industry. Engineered in Britain to the highest standards, we’ve made it our mission to build the world’s cleanest, most advanced, sustainable products.

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Cost savings of over 90%

Construction businesses are seeing their margins squeezed and feeling the effects of volatile prices across virtually all of their supply chains. We are proud to be able to help our customers by reducing the significant site operation cost of powering tower lights and generators.

Our ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator is a one-of-a-kind, engineered to provide the construction industry with a like-for-like alternative to diesel powered generators, for their sites. It is a truly solar-first option offering fuel savings of up to 90% compared to traditional diesel generators. On average each unit saves over £16,000 a year on fuel costs alone.

Since the launch of our first temporary ProLight Solar Tower Light in 2016 we have saved our construction customers over £10m in fuel costs and neutralised over 27m kgs of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere. Our tower lights, save customers over £3,000 per annum compared to the next most efficient option on the market.

Alongside the cost of the fuel itself, construction contractors are benefiting from a reduced need to have operatives regularly handling diesel onsite to refuel the generators and tower lights, reducing the number of spillages and simplifying their site operations. Diesel powered units need regular servicing, typically every 500 hours of use, which in the case of a diesel generator running 24/7 would be less than 3 weeks. Our temporary solar power and lighting units require much less servicing, every 6 months is generally sufficient, again significantly reducing the disruption onsite and maintenance costs. We like to think of our solar products as a “setup and forget” technology.

We have invested significantly in making our solar lighting towers and solar hybrid generators the smartest on the market. As the pioneers of solar, we found that solar and battery technology needed a “brain” to make it last all night, in all weather conditions. We have made all of our lighting towers autonomous enabling them to self-manage and to be managed remotely, ensuring the light works as long and as late as you do. We are the proof that solar technology has been finely honed over the past decades and works all year round, whatever the weather, even in the UK.

Why our tower lights are the best for the construction industry

  • Market leader and original innovator in solar and battery technology.
  • Only autonomous light to automatically adapt based on location, climate data and remaining battery capacity.
  • Smart, self-managing battery, with no need for draining every few weeks – the only one on the market to offer this.
  • Smart Remote Portal lets you manage your assets from anywhere in the world.
  • Zero Carbon, Zero Fuel, Zero Noise.
  • No refuelling.

Find out more about our Smart Remote Portal.

Why our generators are the best for the construction industry

  • Save up to 90% on your fuel costs.
  • Units run without intervention or maintenance for months at a time, a true ‘setup and forget’ technology.
  • Manage and schedule each onsite asset powered by the generator from anywhere in the world. Need to turn off site cabin power accidently left on overnight? You can do this all from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Through our Smart Remote Portal you can remotely monitor each unit’s performance, solar yield, and battery usage, run diagnostics and you can even check if the panels are deployed correctly.
  • Additionally, the Smart Remote Portal provides environmental and cost-saving reports at the touch of button.

Find out more about our Power Generators.

As the trusted partner to businesses across the construction industry, we play a key role in supporting the industry in its fight to reduce its carbon emissions and transition away from fossil fuels.

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