ProTrack Battery Link Lighting System

Smart Lights: Daisy chain system up to 328 feet from the battery box.
Smart Charge: Easy, rapid recharging with solar or mains in 3-4 hours, lasting up to 32 hours.

The Prolectric ProTrack is a rechargeable, lithium battery powered, LED link lighting system. It offers a diesel free, modular, off-grid solution for illuminating night time track maintenance for use within the rail industry.

The ProTrack has been tested and proven with leading rail contractors and was developed in direct response to their request for a low cost, reliable alternative to noisy, noxious diesel generators and inconvenient mains power connections.

Save Time and Costs

The ProTrack system eliminates the need to pay for two people to attend and refuel diesel generators, saving considerably on project manpower and fuel costs.

Battery Powered

Each ProTrack kit is supplied with 2 lithium-ion battery packs, each weighing less than 110 pounds, a control box and 9 LED light, which can be daisy chained up to 328 feet from the battery box. Each Prolectric ProTrack battery unit can be recharged in 3-4 hours using the mains boost charger. An optional solar hybrid boost system can be used to extend the charge time to over 240 hours.


With the modular Prolectric ProTrack, long lines of ultra-bright, LED floodlights can be powered reliably with our silent running, lightweight lithium battery packs. They can provide bright task lighting ideal for long stretches of track or perimeter lighting as well as illumination for works in tunnels and under bridges.


The ProTrack system enables a long weekend of bright illumination without the need to recharge the batteries. The modular units can be extended to enable work over extended track runs and long project timescales through the quick and easy recharging system.

Easy Delivery and Installation

Available for short, or long-term hire, ProTracks can be delivered to site at short notice ready to meet your needs. To reduce possession time, the ProTrack can be installed by our PTS-certified staff prior to the start of the job.

Lighting System

9x 15W LED lights
2(L) x 1(W) x 8(H) ft (Deployed)
18 lb each

Light Coverage

7091 sq yd each

*Download Product Specification Sheet for more detail.

Lux Levels

Adjustable light illumination levels

Battery Box

LiFePO4 lithium battery technology
3(L) x 1(W) x 1(H) ft
108 lb

Charger Box

2(L) x 2(W) x 1(H) ft

55 lb

How long does it take a ProTrack battery to recharge?

Up to 4 hours.

Can the ProTrack batteries be recharged using a ProPower Solar Generator?

Yes, up to 4 batteries can be recharged at once using a ProPower.

How heavy are the ProTrack batteries?

25kg with handles on each end for easy lifting.

What distance can each ProTrack battery light?

100m using 9 link lights

How many lights can be applied to each ProTrack battery?

9 lights which will last for up to 32 hours


Download Full Product Specification Sheet.

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