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We work extensively with infrastructure and utilities sectors across the UK to help reduce carbon emissions on large-scale, long-term construction sites. We operate across various critical infrastructure projects, and our products are markedly embraced by nuclear engineering management facilities, highways agencies, utilities services and rail industries, amongst others.

Our quick and easy deployment, zero carbon emissions, noise-free operation, and huge cost reduction compared to traditional diesel alternatives, are key reasons why these industries champion our solar lighting and power solutions.

We are the first-to-market solar specialists and we lead the way where others are now trying to follow.

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The challenge for expansive sites, like nuclear power stations and utilities installations, is the expense of illuminating these spaces for extended periods and can be prohibitive. Lighting is critical for ensuring site safety and enabling night-time operations, transitioning to solar-powered lighting further offers substantial financial cost and carbon emissions savings.

With so many large infrastructure projects taking decades to complete, utilising solar tower lights and solar hybrid generators is a logical transition, as they are able to be left for extended periods of time with no human intervention, little-to-no maintenance and no refuelling requirements. Our clean, smart, solar products provide you with a ‘setup and forget’ technology, allowing you to remotely manage your tower lights and generators and leaving them up to function autonomously.

Our ProRXM temporary tower light has been developed specifically to support highways, rail and other space restricted sites, where the footprint of your tower lights need to be minimised without sacrificing the quality and capability of the lighting.

Why our tower lights are the best for infrastructure projects

  • Save on average £3,000 per light, per year compared to the next most efficient light.
  • Our renewable lights are powered entirely by solar energy and therefore create no carbon emissions and no noise.
  • No refuelling, it’s as simple as that, no messy diesel spills and no operatives required to fill up the units.
  • Through remote management, we make operation easier, our technology monitors the solar yield and battery usage performance, ensuring the lights stay on all night.
  • Our lights operate autonomously and adapt based on GPS location, climate data and remaining battery capacity to ensure optimum performance.
  • Owing to our technology, we have the only batteries on the market to self-manage, meaning there’s no need to drain the batteries or follow a monthly maintenance program, just ‘setup and forget’.
  • You can manage your assets from anywhere in the world with our Smart Remote Portal.

Find out more about our Smart Remote Technology.

Why our generators are the best for infrastructure projects

  • Save up to 90% of your fuel costs and reduce the complexity of your operation.
  • As the off-grid solar and battery experts, we have created the most innovative generator on the market, which requires virtually no intervention or maintenance, a true ‘setup and forget’ technology.
  • We design and build every product from the ground up to operate reliably all year round.
  • Monitor and manage each generator and each asset socket independently and remotely, giving you complete control and peace of mind that no energy is wasted.
  • With our smart reporting insights you can download carbon and cost saving reports at the touch of button.

Find out more about our Power Generators.

We work collaboratively with our customers, enabling customisation and adaption of our products, based on their needs and requirements. One of our core values is to ‘Work as one’ and this extends to working with our customers.

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