Sustainability - it's part of our DNA

Established to lead the way in renewable
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Sustainability is at the heart of who we are.

We specialize in off-grid renewable power – and have since our inception. We were the first off-grid power and lighting manufacturer in the UK, leading the innovation in solar technology engineering.

We understand the relationship between solar yield, battery storage and output better than anyone, enabling us to create products that work all year round, removing the use of diesel and reducing carbon. No other UK business has this first-to-market advantage, brand history, commitment to sustainability and authentic green vision and mission.

Economic and Environmental Savings

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Sustainability defines who we are and why we exist

Our Ambition

The world’s off-grid energy needs will be powered with smart, clean, renewable technology.

From 1W up to 60kW

Our technology could decarbonize up to 42% of the UK’s off-grid generator market* saving 342,484 tons of CO2 from entering Earth’s atmosphere each year.

*2019 ONS – 27113110 (CN 850211) – Generating sets UK.

Our Vision

To power the world’s off-grid energy needs with smart, clean, renewable technology.

Our Mission

Accelerate to a sustainable future.

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What does this mean for our customers?

Our products enable our customers to make significant reductions in their carbon footprint and prove to stakeholders that they are responsibly reducing their operational carbon cost.

With our expertise in sustainability, we are always on-hand to help advise and guide our customers through their decarbonization journey. Our products enable us to support businesses in some of the most carbon intensive industries, to accelerate their transition away from traditional diesel or mains powered lighting and generators.

Among others, the construction, infrastructure, facilities management and events industries, rely on our products to support their strategies towards their net-zero goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Actions not words

We go even further and assess the environmental impact reported by our customers when they use our equipment. Our stock management software and sustainability reporting software further support and enhance our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Act Now | United Nations

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At Prolectric we are committed to an environmentally and socially conscious culture.

We design and build products with a determined focus on reducing carbon emissions. As well as this we actively manage our own operations to minimize our environmental impact, monitoring and measuring all our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Ours is a relentless pursuit to create a sustainability-focused culture whereby we are challenging ourselves to behave in a way that reduces our carbon, improves efficiency and reduces the amount of power we use within our operation.

As part of our wider holding group Hill and Smith we have committed to a net-zero date of 2040 for our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and 2050 to achieve net-zero across our entire supply chain. However as a business we are working passionate to achieve this sooner.

We started tracking our carbon in 2017 and continue to do so across scope 1, 2 and 3, working closely with our supply chain, encouraging them to make significant operational changes to reduce their carbon and behave in a sustainable way.

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We have recently transitioned our sales vehicle fleet to EV vehicles and had onsite charging infrastructure installed, which runs off our factory solar energy storage. All of our energy comes from either self-generated solar power or 100% renewable energy sources.

We have installed 34.8kW of PV solar panels at our headquarters, generating 264 MWh of energy and saving nearly 200 tons of CO2 emissions, generating 37.1 MWh of energy from January to June 2023. Energy efficiency measures have been implemented across all our premises including air source heat pumps and LED lighting.

Sustainability Awards

We have received notable recognition and numerous awards for our work across multiple sectors, partnering with our customers to mitigate carbon across their operation.

In 2021 we received the Queens award for Sustainable Development. During the evaluation process, we demonstrated significant annual investment in sustainable R&D, with an approach to business and new product development built entirely around sustainability, with the impact measured in carbon savings, diesel savings and cost reduction.

Awards and Accreditations

AMPS Awards 2023

We have been recognised as a category winner at the AMPS Awards for Excellence, bringing home the highly coveted award for Energy and Sustainability.

Construction News Awards 2023

We won the highly coveted ‘Carbon Reduction Champion’ award at the prestigious Construction News Awards

Gold CSR Accreditation 2023

We have, for a second time, been awarded a gold accreditation for corporate social responsibility (CSR) by leading UK based company, CSR-A, who deliver the global standard for CSR.

Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2021

We received the Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2021.

Kier Construction Green Dragons Award 2021

It’s fantastic to be recognised with this ‘highly commended’ accolade from Kier Construction in support of their ‘Building for a Sustainable World’ framework.

Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2019

We are once again delighted to be named the winners of the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2019.

Highways England Awards 2019

We are thrilled to be named as a finalist in the Highways England Awards 2019 in the ‘Excellence in Environment and Sustainability’ category.

NCE Tech Fest Awards 2017

We are pleased to have been selected as a finalist for the ‘Best Use of Technology – Carbon Reduction’ and the ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards.

The Gold Standard

In addition to our Queens Award we were awarded a Gold CSRA accreditation in 2023, receiving the accreditation for a 2nd time and achieving a score of 95%.

The CSR-A Social Impact Report is an independent validation of ESG compliant actions and policy and evaluate business across 4 key pillars Environment and Energy Overview, Community, Workplace and Philanthropy.

What the CSR-A said about Prolectric:

“CSR-A are extremely impressed by Prolectric’s dedication to an integrated environmental and social responsibility agenda. It is very satisfying to engage with a company who not only addresses and mitigates their operational sustainability challenges but extends and measures their influence up the supply chain.” Richard Collins – CSR Accreditation

Rachel Preen Headshot Prolectric Background

Rachel Preen, Managing Director, at Prolectric added, “Achieving a gold CSR Accreditation perfectly epitomizes our unwavering commitment to creating an environmentally and socially conscious culture. Beyond our Grade-A off-grid renewable lights and solar hybrid generators, our commitment to the environment runs even deeper. Our ethics and values run through everything we do, from how we buy things and power our factories, to the way we train our colleagues and give back to the community”.


Download our full CSR Accreditation Report here.

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