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Anne Boleyn TV Drama

Anne Boleyn Set Trailers


We were delighted to work with Shoot Support and Fable Pictures as part of their big-budget Anne Boleyn TV drama for Channel 5.

Produced by Fable Pictures, a leading film and TV production company, the three-part drama was filmed at the historic Bolton Castle in Wensleydale, Yorkshire.


Fable Pictures previously hired conventional diesel lighting towers to provide lighting on location. However noise, refueling and emissions had always been an issue on previous productions.

The noise issue was accentuated when filming in rural locations as noise from the lighting towers routinely interfered with filming.

Anne Boleyn Car Park with ProLight

The Solution

Our ProLight* solar lighting towers were deployed on shoot during the production – bringing silent, emission free lighting to the production and crew areas on set.

Shoot Support introduced our award-winning ProLight solar lighting tower as an excellent alternative to diesel tower lights. It is silent, completely fuel free and proven to work throughout the winter months just on stored solar power.

ProLight delivers powerful light without noise or carbon emissions and offers a robust alternative to temporary diesel lighting for outdoor events, TV and film industry.

*ProLight is our alternative tower light to the ProRXM.

The Result

The lights were deployed for 6 weeks and made significant savings for Fable Pictures. In comparison to a traditional VT1 diesel tower light, the ProLight saved an impressive 10.6 tons of CO2 emissions and $2,966 in diesel costs.

Shoot Support not only provides innovative and sustainable equipment for the entertainment industry, but is also committed to recycle the materials that are used for the productions. This focus on sustainability makes Shoot Support and the our range of sustainable lighting and power solutions, the perfect partner in the Film and TV sector.

Carbon Savings

10.6 tons of CO2e

Diesel Cost Savings



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