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Our award-winning off-grid, sustainable solar tower lights and hybrid power generators are available for sale via Prolectric or for rehire through our Rental Partners via our rental division, ProRehire.

We work directly with our Rental Partners to bring our products to your project through our cross-hire model. These sustainable assets significantly reduce carbon emissions, fuel usage and operational costs.

All of our systems provide a like-for-like, value-for-money alternative to their conventional diesel equivalents and are designed to help you make the switch to solar as smooth as possible.

  • For sales enquiries, contact the Prolectric team, call 01275 403 225.
  • For hire enquiries, contact our ProRehire division to find a Rental Partner, call 01275 400 006.

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Our solar technology is clean, quiet and sustainable – with significant carbon emission savings and reduced environmental impact.


Switching to solar significantly reduces fuel and refuelling costs. Solar is commercially viable and reliable, all year round, in all seasons.


Award-winning sustainable technology honoured with the Queen’s Award for Sustainable development.

Solar hybrid generator. Off-grid, sustainable temporary power. Reduced fuel usage, costs & emissions.
Award winning mobile solar tower light. Year round, all night lighting on solar alone.
Space efficient solar tower light. Outstanding fuel savings and emissions reduction.
Temporary solar street lighting, for construction sites, car parks & communal areas.
A rechargeable, lithium battery-powered, LED link lighting system.

Why Rehire?

Our award-winning range of solar lighting towers and power generators help remove unnecessary emissions and noise without the hassle of having to buy your own equipment.

We’ll work with you to find the right Rehire Partner who can supply at short-notice, with nationwide delivery and setup onsite, plus provide remote control and monitoring, so you get the best performance from your hiring solution.

Our innovative technology is tried, tested and proven to work all year round, in all weather conditions, with minimal environmental impact and low operating costs.

  • A Market Leading Brand: Prolectric are the market leaders in sustainable solar tower lights and power generators.
  • Award-Winning Technology: We are recognised and accredited for sustainability and innovation.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Solar is clean and emission free and delivers high performance all year round, in all weather conditions.
  • Reduced Fuel Costs: All our lights are 100% solar, with no need to refuel, and our hybrid solar generators can save up to 90% in diesel costs.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Simple, ‘setup and forget’ technology requires minimal supervision and care.
  • Reduced Noise: All our products can operate silently and require no mains power.

Become a Rehire Partner

We are market leaders in sustainable off-grid solar tower lighting and hybrid power generators – ready to rehire through our Rental Partners, with fast nationwide delivery.

The need for sustainable tower lights and power generation is becoming the norm. As a ProRehire Rental Partner, a market-leading fleet of next-generation solar technology is just a call away.

With no need for capital expenditure or investment in storage facilities, ProRehire gives you the flexibility to offer your customers an innovative range of solar products when and where you need them. We are able to partner with both CPA and EHA members across mainland UK.

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Our Product Range

Clean, sustainable and quiet.

We are leading specialists on sustainable off-grid solar lighting and hybrid power. Our innovative solar technology provides the most practical way for businesses to move away from using fossil fuels and achieve their carbon-saving commitments. Our technology is tried, tested and proven to work all year around, in all weathers and significantly reduces fuel usage and carbon emissions.

We have a large UK fleet of solar lighting and power, ready and available to be deployed to your site.

As required, our service covers:

  • Full lighting design service
  • Short or long-term hire
  • Supply at short-notice
  • Delivery and setup onsite
  • Remote control and monitoring

Applications include:

  • Infrastructure and construction projects
  • Site welfare compounds and walkways
  • Temporary car parks
  • Off-grid emergency response
  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Trackside maintenance

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