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ProRXM Hybrid Solar Lighting Tower

Smart Lights: Autonomously adapts light levels to ensure optimum performance, meaning the lights work all night.
Smart Batteries: No need to drain the battery or follow a monthly ‘maintenance’ program.
Smart Analysis: Remote diagnostics of each unit’s performance, including solar yield and battery usage.
Smart Safety: The Prolectric Automatic Mast Safety System (PAMS) is an automatic fail-safe system built-in.

The ProRXM Hybrid is a space efficient solar hybrid lighting tower designed specifically for Rail and Highway works, fitting in a trackside cesses or tight roadside spaces with the same footprint as a VT1.

In response to market demand and in the pursuit of achieving new engineering standards to improve lighting  efficiency, Prolectric has launched the ProRXM Hybrid. Versatile by design, it’s ideal for walkway lighting, where it can be fully powered from three 270W solar panels with 8kW of usable battery bank storage. Alternatively,  the lights can be turned up for task lighting, and its autonomous and efficient 2.8kW DC engine, which uses  just 0.5 litres per hour, can provide backup power.

Various industry applications include:

Compact and Versatile

The ProRXM Hybrid matches the footprint of a standard VT1 diesel generator. To avoid damage, the solar panels fold away neatly on the top of the unit and are covered when not in use. Once extended, a hydraulic mechanism tilts the panels diagonally to minimise space, while capturing maximum sunlight.

Reliable Year Round Lighting

The Prolectric ProRXM Hybrid operates reliably all year round, even in challenging winter conditions. The trailer mounted battery bank has sufficient capacity to ensure that even on winter days with 16 hours of darkness, the unit operates consistently and reliably.

Smart Technology

Our Smart Remote Portal allows you to manage your ProRXM Hybrid from anywhere, anytime using the portals’ powerful, autonomous, remote control functionality.

Continual Savings

As a solar 1st and diesel 2nd tower light you save costs on fuel and refuelling while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and fuel usage, avoiding spills. Maintenance is reduced as the generator run-time is remarkably less.

Easily Transportable

The ProRXM Hybrid is a portable trailer mounted tower light with a retractable towbar and our Automatic Mast Safety System (PAMS) is a fail-safe system built-in to avoid danger and personnel injury.

Silent Running

The tower light is perfect for urban locations and night projects, when the generator is not boost charging the unit. Under normal conditions the generator may only be required occasionally for winter months.

Lighting System

4x 180W LED floodlights

Light Coverage

16,993 sqm

*Download Product Specification Sheet for more detail.

Lux Levels

Adjustable lights to suit BS5489 British Standards


Up to 118,800


3x 270W slidable solar panels with hydraulic arm


Heavy-duty, deep-cycle battery technology


6.5m, 360° pan motor rotatable hydraulic and telescopic mast


Portable trailer mounted with retractable towbar


3172x1574x2720mm (Stowed)

2562x2119x6540mm (Deployed)



Generator Set

3.5kVA (1PH), DC 2.8kW engine

60 litre fuel tank (120 hrs run-time at 0.5 litres per hour)

Can the Solar Lighting Towers be remotely managed?

Yes, the lights can be managed and monitored remotely via our SmartRemote Portal. You can see the solar yield, remaining battery reserves and usage, additionally you can turn off the lights off remotely.

What are the cost savings of a Solar Tower lights compared to a traditional diesel tower lights?

On average our customers save £3.000 per year per light compared to traditional diesel units. This includes the reduction in fuel costs, operatives to refuel diesel units and servicing and maintenance.

What is the business case for a Solar Lighting Tower?

Despite initially costing more to purchase, on average our ProRXM is cost neutral with the most efficient diesel lighting tower after 1 year and 8 months. This is due to the significant operational cost savings. Every year thereafter users save £3,000 per annum on average. Over a 5 year period the total saving is over £16,000 and 7 years is over £25,000.


Download Full Product Specification Sheet.

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