Solar Lighting and Hybrid Power for Events and Festivals

Prolight on Anne Boleyn site

Our solar temporary lighting towers and generators are being utilised across the arts industry including television (TV), film production, outdoor events and festivals, to reduce the reliance on traditional diesel tower lights and generators.

The events industry is responsible for millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions every year in the UK. Event organisers and production houses are being challenged to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility by embracing renewable energy solutions, such as our innovative solar lighting towers and hybrid generators.

ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator

Our ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator offers significant long-term cost savings compared to traditional diesel generators, as it requires minimal fuel and therefore has much less maintenance requirements. While the initial investment may be higher, on average customers are cost neutral after 29 months and will save over £16,000 per annum thereafter compared to traditional diesel generators.

off-grid power solution

Utilising our ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator provides production businesses with an easy-to-deploy, off-grid power solution. Allowing more flexibility for remote and off-grid location sets to be used, which have no access to electricity and wanting to avoid the noise and noxious smells of diesel alternatives.

silent operation at night

Unlike noisy diesel generators, our solar generator operates silently at night when drawing power from the batteries, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for events and productions. This is especially beneficial for outdoor events, concerts, and film productions where noise pollution can detract from the experience and disrupt performances.

all night light

Our solar generator is equipped with 10 lithium-ion batteries that store excess energy generated during daylight hours, ensuring a reliable power supply at night.

ProLight Solar Tower Light

Since we launched our first temporary lighting tower in 2016, we have saved our customers over £10m in fuel costs and avoided over 27m kgs of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere. Our tower lights, save customers over £3,000 per annum compared to the next most efficient option on the market.

zero fuel

Our ProLight Solar Tower Light uses zero fuel. So not only do our customers save on fuel costs but they can eliminate the need for operatives to regularly handle diesel to refuel the tower lights and the potential for spillages is removed, simplifying operations. With no diesel engine our lights require a lot less maintenance and servicing, generally every 6 months only, making them a truly ‘setup and forget’ technology.

smart technology

We have invested in making our solar lighting towers the smartest in the market. We have made all of our lighting towers autonomous enabling them to self-manage, ensuring the light works as long and as late as you do. We are the proof that solar technology has been finely honed over the past decades and works all year round, whatever the weather, as proven in Scotland!

no noise

Our ProLight Lighting Tower operates silently, meaning no noise to disturb your environment, allowing event organisers to embrace sustainability and communicate their own green credentials to their audiences.

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