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Smart Distribution Board

100% configurable board.
Adaptor Plates to change outgoing ways.
Lockable incoming breaker door. BS 7375:2010: Distribution of Electricity on Construction and Demolition Sites – Code Of Practice.
Hard wired, fly lead or panel mount incomer.

Identify areas where energy can be reduced using Smart Technology.

Our Smart Distribution Board is an energy management tool that plays an important role in designing cost-effective and low carbon solutions for temporary power installations.

Together with our solar and battery technology the unit is able to gather power consumption data and send it straight to our Smart Remote Portal. Improving site power usage, including low energy tools, hybrid systems and active power switching, which require the right knowledge of why and when power is needed. Power usage can be monitored and controlled remotely and you can turn power on and off to certain areas of the site using the scheduler, creating full autonomy of your site.

The data provided eliminates guesswork which often leads to ineffective solutions. By measuring the power loads, its enabling you to make the optimum choice and demonstrate real savings by reducing power wastage, costs and carbon emissions.

Suitable Sectors:

Energy Management

Used within construction sites, as it is aimed at managing and reducing the energy waste from cabins, such as electric radiators, hot water heaters and drying room dehumidifiers. Events, festivals and the Film and TV industry can benefit from the energy management and control system.

Improved Site Energy Consumption

Reducing site energy consumption provides sites/sets with the opportunity to downsize large, noisy diesel generators with smaller ones or move to low carbon solutions, such as the ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator.

Smart Technology

Once setup the scheduler enables sites to isolate circuits and turn off power in cabins/trailers, when it is not required, making sites/sets more energy efficient through the prevention of energy wastage. Live monitoring assists in pre-empting breakdown or potential overloading. Effective use of the energy data and scheduler can highlight opportunities for sites to ‘downsize’ generators and maximise battery bank output through load control.

Silent Running

As it shuts off equipment and cabins/trailers overnight, there is an additional benefit of reduced noise from generators. On top of the significant cost and carbon savings from reduced fuel consumption, not to mention the reduced generator maintenance costs. The solar and battery technology ensures there is no noise overnight.


Single Phase:
6 x 32A 1PH – relay controlled
2 x 16A 1PH – not controlled

Three Phase:
14 x 32A 1PH – relay controlled
2 x 16A 1PH – not controlled


Single Phase:
125A 1PH (2m tail)

Three Phase:
125A 415V 3PH (2m tail)

What does our Smart Distribution Board do?

Our Smart Distribution Board reduces energy through information, control and automation. A power monitoring and control tool, that can help reduce site fuel costs, power and carbon emissions.

What are the benefits of our Smart Distribution Board?
  • It can identify power wastage on-site
  • The scheduler gives you the control to ensure power is switched off in certain areas when needed
  • Once the scheduler is set up, the automated solution runs without site intervention
  • Power needs can be analysed to determine the best the power output needed
  • Live monitoring can assist to preempt breakdown or potential overloading
Are you using different power sources?

Using a different mix of power sources doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving costs and reducing carbon emissions.

You might think you are saving costs and reducing your carbon footprint, but do you know for certain?

Our Smart Distribution Board can give you reports and accurate data that you can shout from the rooftops that you are saving power, reducing your costs and carbon emissions.

Does your Smart Distribution Board work with a hybrid power source?

Yes, our Smart Distribution Board manages power demands to ensure optimum time spent on solar and battery storage, therefore reducing generator run times – reducing costs and carbon emissions.

What can our Smart Distribution Board monitor?

Each board can monitor and control up to 32 individual circuits or whole cabins and multiple boards can be used on larger sites.

How does our Smart Distribution Board collect data?

Once the Smart Distribution Board is connected to your site power source, like the ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator, the module will instantly collect power usage data through WIFI or 4g connectivity, it then sends this information to the cloud, where you can access the data through the easy-to-use dashboard. It’s a clever little thing!

How are our Smart Distribution Board reports generated?

Reports are generated from our Smart Remote portal dashboard and can be exported as needed.


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