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Smart Remote Portal: Software enables analyses, optimisation and reporting of the power used by connected onsite equipment.
Smart Panels: Designed to be tilted and adjusted for optimum year-round performance.
Smart Tracking: GPS location tracking of the units means complete peace of mind for managers.
Smart Reporting: Environmental and cost saving reports at the touch of button.

After the successful introduction of the original, award-winning, single-phase ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator in 2020, we expanded our range of sustainable power solutions, with a powerful 3-phase ProPower Solar Battery Power System.

The 3-phase ProPower solar and battery technologies, packed into a compact, skid mounted mobile unit, have been specially designed to deliver clean, quiet, sustainable temporary power to construction, infrastructure and rail projects, amongst others, and is already making a significant contribution to carbon reduction targets. With a rapidly expanding product portfolio, smart technologies and convenient onsite services, our aim is to make it easy for contractors to use off-grid solar and battery technologies to reduce fuel costs, noise, NOx, PM and carbon emissions.

The 3-phase ProPower is part of our range of environmentally friendly, advanced performance products, which has been designed as a direct like-for-like replacement for diesel systems, making it a simple switch to solar.

High Power Output up to 30kVA

The 3-phase ProPower’s solar array and inverter produce twice the output power and three times the battery storage of our single-phase system. As such, it is best suited to high-power applications above 20kVA and up to 30kVA, making it ideal for larger, more power-hungry sites and sectors.


The 3-phase ProPower enables work sites to scale up their sustainable power delivery depending upon their power requirements. It can connect up to the majority of existing diesel generators, up to 100kVA, to give more flexibility in fleet management. It offers greater compatibility, as the majority of work sites in the UK are wired up with 3-phase distribution boards.

+30% More Powerful

The latest solar panel technology on the 3-phase ProPower improves power generation by over 30%.

Zero Emissions

With reduced fumes and greenhouse gas emissions, the 3-phase ProPower offers huge CO2 and emission benefits vs traditional diesel generators.

Silent Running

Beneficial to urban locations and night projects, the 3-phase ProPower can reduce noise pollution onsite which is ideal for residential areas.

Mobile and Easily Deployable

The 3-phase ProPower is skid mounted and can be either be moved into position via forklifts or lifted into position via a HIAB.

Advanced Technology

Manage your 3-phase ProPower from anywhere, anytime using our Smart Remote Portals’ powerful remote-control functionality. The portal enables analyses, optimisation and reporting of the power used by connected onsite equipment. So it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed can be monitored and recorded. Each ProPower is equipped with a microcontroller, the Prolectric Hub, and GPS tracking, giving complete peace of mind for managers. You can monitor and run diagnostics without attending onsite, saving you time and money!


8x 380W = 3040W solar panels with hydraulic operation

Battery Capacity

105 kWh


Skid mounted with forklift pockets and 10t yokes


3250x2140x2490mm (Stowed)
4690x4155x3770mm (Deployed)



Is there any servicing required of a Solar Generator?

Yes. We recommend every 12 months a service is undertaken. This includes a check cable, service and connections as well as to lubricate runners and check tyre pressures. We recommend the engine is checked every 500 hours, same as all generators, but as its as hybrid product, 500 hours could take over a year instead of 3 weeks in a standard diesel generator. Also our batteries have been programmed to be the smartest in the market, there is no need to follow a battery draining programme where you fully drain the battery to preserves its longevity.

What is the business case for a Solar Hybrid Generator?

Despite initially costing more to purchase, on average our Solar Hybrid Generators are cost neutral with a traditional 30KVA diesel generators after 2 years and 4 months. This is due to the significant operational cost savings. Every year thereafter users save £18,000 per annum, on average. Over a 5 year period the total average saving is over £51,000 and 7 years is over £88,000.

What can a Solar Hybrid Generator Power?

The applications are almost endless but typically our ProPower is used for up to 5x 32 ft site cabins at once. Alternatively it can power mini excavators and other small plant equipment and recharge tools onsite. It can also be used at events and festivals providing silent power overnight thanks to the battery storage. The ProPower can also recharge BEES units. It is also commonly used for water pumps and large plant washing units.

How much diesel does the ProPower Solar generator save?

On average our hybrid 1 phase generator saves up to 90% compared to traditional generators. Our 3 phase saves 100% of diesel as it is a solar only unit.

What are the cost savings of a ProPower compared to a traditional generator?

On average our customers save £16.000 per year per generator compared to traditional diesel units. This includes the reduction in fuel costs, operatives to refuel diesel units and servicing and maintenance.

Can the ProPower be remotely managed?

Yes, the ProPower can be managed and monitored remotely via our SmartRemote Portal. You can see the solar yield, remaining battery reserves, diesel engine usage and power outputs. You can also turn off the power to particular units and even see if the panels are deployed correctly?

Does the ProPower have GPS tracking?

Yes, you can see each units location, anywhere in the world with a internet connect, on our SmartRemote portal.

Is the ProPower easy to use?

Yes, the ProPower has hydraulic lifted panels that can be deployed in less than 3 minutes. Ensure the unit is facing South using the built-in compass and connect your applications that require power into the generator directly or distribution board. Once deployed it requires little maintenance and fuel, so couldn’t be easier to run.


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