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LED Solar Street Light | AE6 Model

Integrated charging unit constantly monitors the state of the batteries.
Outstanding lighting performance even in the winter months, 20w LED can produce an output of up to 4,000 lumens.
3-PIR Sensors, the only light offering detection for a wider range of motion.

AE6 Solar LED Street Light

The AE6 Solar Street Light is our brightest and most powerful street light, providing outstanding performance even in the winter months. Since introducing the first solar-only permanent street lights to the UK, we have now installed thousands of units nationally. Providing year round, permanent solar street lighting which is simple to install and requires no external electrical power.

The series provides solar lighting for areas such as roadways, urban areas, business parks, commercial perimeters, coastal areas and slipways, security and entrance lighting, construction and industrial sites, rural and remote area lighting and airports and ports, amongst others.

Year Round Lighting

The AE6 is a high-quality, year round, solar powered LED system and provides permanent lighting without the need for external electrical power.

Easy Installation

The AE6 can be installed easily, quickly and economically. There is no need to install cable trunking or dig trenches. This means that installation costs can be halved compared to conventional mains power alternatives. We offer installation services for our solar street lights, as well as supply columns, as specified.

Lighting From Dusk till Dawn

The only light offering detection for a wider range of motion. Our specially-developed smart light controller and Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor works to ensure the solar LED light lasts from dusk until dawn, even on the darkest days and are proven to operate throughout the UK winter, as tested in Scotland!

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Because they provide standalone off-grid lighting without mains power, our permanent solar lights can contribute significantly to your organisation’s carbon reduction targets. As uptake of the technology continues to grow rapidly, our lighting can make a significant contribution to your sustainability goals.

Lighting Design Service

Our specialist knowledge of solar lighting design and deployment helps us advise on lighting layout and report on the lux levels across your site to ensure your lights specified meet British Lighting standards.

Column Selection

Column specification in line with the applicable standards must be considered when selecting this product. We take great care to work with our customers to ensure the properties of their solar street lights and final selection of column for installation is carried out to comply with the environment in which it is utilised.

Lighting System

10W or 20W LED Light


Light Coverage


*Download Product Specification Sheet for more detail.

Lux Levels

Adjustable lights to suit BS5489 British Standards


Up to 4,000


150W or 200W solar panel


LiFePO4 lithium battery technology


Prolectric Services Limited advises the purchaser of this product to ensure it or a suitably qualified engineer has considered all applicable industry standards, wind loadings, suitability of the terrain where the customer intends to use this product and foundation requirements before selecting, installing and using this product.

Do Solar street lights work on a cloudy day?

The latest panel technology means that even on a cloudy day, power will still be generated. The battery has capacity for around 5 consecutive days of n0 solar yield, to cover even the worst periods of UK weather.

What’s the battery life expectancy of the Solar Street lights?

2,500 cycles. However, this is not 2,500 days.  Majority of the year (roughly 9 months), the lights do not go thru a full cycle every day. They are expected therefore to last between 4 – 7 years dependent the level and number of full discharges.

Do the solar street lights work in winter?

Yes, we have been installing lights in the UK since 2011 and we have developed the software and knowledge to ensure the lights work consistently up and down the UK.

What’s the difference between solar lighting and traditional street lights?

Solar lights are entirely off-grid and require no cables or trenches.

What applications are the lights suitable for?

The solar street lights are used across both small and large sites in both commercial and residential settings including housing estates, parks, car parks, seafronts, campuses, hospital estates and military bases.

Can a solar street light be retrofitted to an existing column?

Yes, subject to the column and foundations meeting the appropriate standards. Contact us for the relevant specifications.

Can solar street lights, light all roadways?

Our lights can be used on all unadopted roads, but not on adopted roads.

Adopted roads are looked after by councils and maintained accordingly. They also like to use a control system with all street lighting and have it on a set program. Due to the way our PIR’s work they are not effective enough to work on highways due to the speed of vehicles. By the time the car gets detected by the PIR, the light comes on after the car has passed the light.

Can I monitor my street lights remotely?

Yes, we’re able to offer you access to our Street Lighting portals. A master and then gateways are added to the panels including a sim card for connectivity. The portal will give access to each panel and light connected to the specific setup network. You can see battery soc, generation, lights on or off. You can also put the lights on a time schedule away from their usual UK settings

What light coverage do solar street lights provide?

Our AE6 provides coverage of up to 687m² at a level down to 0.4Lux. This measurement is on the ground and will be on the outer most edge of the light spread. It could be over 10 lux directly below the light but will dissipate the further you go from it. When a lighting design is created it overlaps with light spread from the other lights to give a uniformity.

Can the lights be programmed?

Yes, all of the settings are customisable. The lights will illuminate at dusk. The light intensity at both triggered and no triggered mode can be adjusted based on customer requirements. Additionally the lights can be set to turn off at a particular time if in a residential area.


Download Full Product Specification Sheet.

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