Temporary Power and Site Lighting for House Building Projects

AE3 Solar Street Light Residential

We have been working with residential developers and large-scale house builders since we launched our first solar street light in 2011.

It is predominantly our permanent solar lighting solutions that house builders use, but some utilise our temporary power and lighting products throughout the construction of their projects. Our alternatives to traditional diesel generators and tower lights, making their projects more sustainable from start to finish.

We help housebuilders to reduce their costs and their carbon emissions and enable their developments to be more energy and cost-efficient once completed.

Changing sustainability requirements for housebuilders

One of the primary challenges facing housebuilding businesses is the need to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability standards. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on building energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable homes to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Consumers expect a housebuilder to have done all they can to make a development as environmentally efficient as possible. Our solar powered street lighting offers a sustainable alternative to traditional grid-powered systems, helping housebuilders meet sustainability targets, comply with regulatory standards and show potential buyers that the development has utilised innovative solar products to reduce the ongoing carbon emissions and costs.

Reducing costs and complexity during construction

Housebuilders are contending with massive fluctuations in material costs, labour shortages, and supply chain disruptions, which can impact project timelines and budgets. Our lighting solutions remove the need for underground trenching and cabling for street lighting, reducing labour requirements and the potential for delays onsite and allowing the site to be ready sooner.


Lighting design

We will work with your site plans to create a lighting design that meets your developments requirements and complies with British lighting standards.


We install our columns, solar panels and lights providing you with a single point of contact responsible for your external lighting installation. Our team are highly experienced in installing solar street lights and have passed all background checks required for working on security sensitive sites such as MOD and Prisons.

Onboarding and setup

Whether a permanent or temporary lighting solution, our dedicated account managers will support you with the setup and configuration of your units to your precise specification.

Why our lights are the best option for residential developments

Our durable solar street lights are truly exceptional. As pioneers in solar, we introduced the first permanent solar-only street light in 2011 and have since continued to refine and enhance our products, ensuring year round performance in the UK’s diverse weather conditions. Our lights provide consistent and reliable illumination, even during the darkest winter months.

Innovation is at the core of our solar street lights

Our street lights automatically activate at dusk, emitting light at 30% brightness to provide safe ambient lighting. When the built-in PIR sensor detects movement, the brightness increases to 100%, ensuring maximum visibility when needed. After 30-seconds of no activity, the LED light dims back to 30%, optimising battery usage for prolonged operation. This is perfect for residential areas, reducing the light pollution until it is absolutely required, for a short period of time.

Our solar street lights are highly customisable

We offer various modes of operation, allowing you to tailor the lighting settings to your precise needs. Virtually all aspects of our lights are adjustable, providing flexibility and versatility for different applications.

We take pride in offering a 3-PIR solution

Setting us apart as the leading UK solar street light manufacturer. This innovative feature enhances motion detection capabilities, ensuring greater responsiveness to movement in the surrounding area.

Lights stay on during a power cut

With the UK being under greater pressure from EV charging and increases in the power requirements across the country, grid resilience is a key consideration. Removing street lighting from the grid, goes a small way to reducing this pressure and means that during power-cuts, the street lights stay on, providing safety and reassurance for residents.

Our innovative solutions are helping to address some of the challenges that housebuilders are facing and driving positive change across the industry. By harnessing the power of solar energy, housebuilders can reduce carbon emissions, lower operating costs, and improve sustainability, while also enhancing project efficiency and resilience.

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