Solar Lighting and Hybrid Power for Security Systems

Prolectric Virtual Guard CCTV Security Tower Light by Welfare Cabin

We have designed our products to work perfectly for the security, CCTV and surveillance sector, working seamlessly, off-grid and providing peace of mind to those responsible for securing sites.

Virtual Guard Solar Tower Light

Solar powered CCTV units are self-contained and do not require grid-connected electricity, making them highly versatile and easy-to-deploy in various locations. These units are quick to setup, in remote or off-grid areas, without the need for complex wiring or infrastructure, enhancing surveillance coverage and flexibility.

No Electricity Costs

Our Virtual Guard Solar Tower Light eliminates the need for ongoing electricity costs, reducing operational expenses for security companies. By harnessing solar energy to power surveillance equipment, companies can achieve long-term cost savings and improve profitability.

Commit to Sustainability

Our solar powered CCTV units generate electricity from renewable solar energy, significantly reducing carbon emissions and their environmental impact compared to traditional diesel powered systems. This enables security firms to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by using solar powered surveillance solutions.

Smart Remote Portal

Our Virtual Guard Solar Tower Light is equipped with remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing security companies to access live video feeds, receive alerts, and adjust settings remotely. This enables real-time surveillance and proactive security management, improving response times and effectiveness.

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