Wholesale Solar Lighting and Hybrid Power

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We collaborate with electrical wholesalers and builders merchants to offer our market-leading solar street lights to consumers, supporting and advising our wholesale partners throughout the process to ensure optimal customer service.

By integrating our solar lighting into their product portfolios, wholesalers can position themselves as sustainable industry leaders, attracting eco-conscious customers and distinguishing themselves in a competitive market. Leveraging their extensive networks, wholesalers can expand their market share for solar lighting to contractors, municipalities, and businesses, offering a convenient one-stop shop for all electrical and sustainable lighting needs.

The benefits include a reduced carbon footprint, lower operational costs, and enhanced reliability, enabling customers to enjoy significant energy bill savings while contributing to a greener future. With our solar lighting solutions, wholesalers illuminate both spaces and opportunities for growth and sustainability, placing themselves at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

QinetiQ site with ST Solar bollards at night

Retailers and Leisure

Similarly, our solar street lights and solar bollards offer unparalleled advantages to the retail and leisure industry. Imagine transforming your outdoor areas into inviting, well-lit spaces without the hassle of traditional grid-based lighting.

In the leisure sector, solar lighting enhances safety and ambiance for outdoor events, pathways, and recreational areas. Whether it’s a bustling amusement park or a serene campground, our lights provide reliable illumination, ensuring visitors feel secure and comfortable even after dark.

For retail spaces, these solar solutions offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to showcase merchandise and create a welcoming atmosphere. Illuminate storefronts, car parks, and walkways with sustainable solar powered lighting, enticing customers and enhancing their shopping experience.

To optimise these lighting solutions, businesses can strategically place solar street lights along pathways, car parks, and outdoor seating areas. Solar bollards can delineate walkways and highlight landscaping features, guiding customers seamlessly through your site.

By embracing our solar lighting, leisure and retail industries reap numerous benefits, including reduced energy costs, minimal maintenance, and a positive environmental impact. Embrace innovation, elevate your space, and brighten your bottom line.

AE6 installed on Commercial Road

Our solar street lights are fully customisable to suit the specific needs of your site. We offer a range of operating modes, allowing you to adjust the lighting settings to your exact requirements. Every aspect of our lights can be tailored, providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability for various applications. This allows us to program the lights to switch off at a predetermined time.

Moreover, our lights remain operational even during power outages. With the increasing demand on the UK’s power grid, particularly from electric vehicle charging and rising energy needs, grid resilience is a significant concern. By disconnecting street lighting from the grid, we alleviate some of this pressure. As a result, our solar street lights stay illuminated during power cuts, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

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