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We are a trusted partner for sustainable lighting solutions in the public sector and have worked extensively across NHS, MOD and local government properties since launching our solar street lights in 2011.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our solar powered lighting solutions provide clean renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and minimising the environmental impact of large sites and developments.

By partnering with us, public sector organisations demonstrate their ongoing commitment to environmental and sustainable procurement, protecting the environment they operate in, whether it be an educational institution, facilities management project or local parish council.

The applications of our solar lighting products across the public sector varies greatly due to the specific nature and needs of the industries within it.

Replacement lights

We work closely with Facilities Management providers to the public sector, to replace mains powered lights on the grid, which have come to the end of their usable life across large-scale estates within the NHS and MOD. This removes the grid connection of the existing lights and reduces the ongoing cost of operation for large-scale sites.

Car Parks

Our lights are used in parking areas to provide enhanced visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians. Our solar car park lighting systems offer flexible installation options and customisable settings to meet the specific needs of public sector organisations, ensuring reliable performance and cost-effective operation.

Community Parks

Our lights are commonly installed by local councils in and around parks and recreational areas. From pathway lighting to area lighting for playgrounds, our solutions provide bright and efficient illumination without the need for on-grid electricity, enabling public sector organisations to create inviting and accessible outdoor spaces in their neighbourhoods.

Why our lights are the best option for the public sector


Innovation is at the core of our solar lighting technology. As pioneers in the field, we introduced the first permanent solar-only street lighting column in the UK and have since continued to lead the way in innovation and solar improvement. Our lights are designed to operate seamlessly year round, even in the harshest winter conditions, ensuring consistent and dependable illumination when it’s needed most.

Autonomous Lighting

Our solar street lights are equipped with advanced features that set them apart from the competition. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation ensures that the lit area has safe ambient lighting, with the brightness adjusting to 30% to conserve energy. When motion is detected, the lights switch to 100% brightness, providing maximum light levels for enhanced visibility and safety. After 30 seconds of no movement, the lights return to 30% brightness, optimising battery usage and maximising efficiency.

Advanced 3-PIR Sensor

Unlike other solar street light manufacturers in the UK, we offer a 3-PIR sensor solution for greater detection of movement. This innovative feature enhances motion detection capabilities, ensuring that our lights respond swiftly and accurately to activity in the surrounding area, whether a car driving by or pedestrian walking past.

Highly Customisable

Furthermore, our lights are highly customisable to meet the specific needs of your site. We offer different modes of operation and virtually all settings are customisable, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your exact requirements. Whether you need lighting for a busy urban street or a remote rural pathway, our lights can be configured to provide the perfect solution.


Lighting Design

Our skilled team will analyse your site plans to craft a lighting design that not only meets British standards but optimises the capabilities of your installed lights onsite.


Our comprehensive service includes the installation of our columns, solar panels, and lights, ensuring a seamless process with a single point of contact for your external lighting installation.


We offer complimentary consultation and recommendations tailored to your project’s needs. Whether it involves a new installation or replacing existing on-grid lighting, our knowledgeable account managers will guide you towards the most suitable solution for your site.

Onboarding and Setup

Whether you opt for a permanent or temporary solution, your dedicated account manager will assist you throughout the setup and configuration process, ensuring that your units are precisely tailored to your specifications.

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