Residential construction site with AE3 solar street lights

Lighting design is a critical step to consider when buying permanent solar street lights. As the first company in the UK to install solar-only permanent street lights in 2011, we are now the market-leader with thousands of units installed on streets, car parks and footpaths across the country. Our many satisfied customers include leading national housebuilders, Ministry of Defence bases, Local Authorities and main infrastructure contractors.

Key factors to consider when planning your street lights design include

Optimal Performance

Lighting design ensures that the solar street lights are strategically placed and configured to provide the best lighting performance. It considers factors such as the location, mounting height and beam angle. Additionally, lighting design considers the light distribution pattern. Different areas may have varying lighting requirements, such as wide-area lighting for parking lots or focused lighting for pathways. By customising the lighting design to match the specific needs of the location, the solar street lights can effectively meet the lighting requirements, ensuring maximum performance. A well-designed lighting system ensures that the light output is evenly distributed, helps to eliminate dark spots and shadows and provides better visibility and enhances safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Considering a solar street light that works all year round, have a look at our permanent street lighting options.

Energy Efficiency

With solar street lights, energy efficiency is crucial to ensure maximum utilisation of the available solar power. A well-designed lighting system will consider the wattage, lumens output, and the specific lighting requirements of the area and comply with British Standards requirements. By optimising the light output, lighting design considers the available sunlight in the area and determines the appropriate number of lights required. By accurately assessing the lighting needs and avoiding over-lighting, the design helps to prevent unnecessary energy wastage, ultimately saving costs in the long run. With our street lights offering zero carbon and emissions, minimal maintenance and quick installation, it really seems like a no brainer.


Proper lighting design helps in reducing costs when buying permanent solar street lights. By conducting a thorough analysis of the lighting requirements and using accurate calculations, the design ensures that you invest in the right number of lights. Over-lighting can lead to unnecessary expenses, while under-lighting can compromise safety and visibility. Lighting design strikes a balance, providing an optimal number of lights to meet the lighting needs of the area while minimising costs. Moreover, lighting design considers the lifespan and maintenance requirements of the lights. By selecting reliable and durable lighting fixtures, the design reduces the frequency of replacements, and our solar lights require minimal maintenance, resulting in long-term cost savings. Prolectric’s range of solar street lights ensures a simple cost-effective installation with no need for external electrical power.

Safety and Security

Solar street lights play a crucial role in ensuring safety and security in outdoor areas, such as streets, pathways, parking lots, or parks. Lighting design considers factors such as light levels and minimising dark spots. The design also focuses on uniformity, ensuring consistent lighting levels throughout the area to avoid dark spots or areas of obvious contrast. Furthermore, lighting design aims to reduce glare by considering factors such as the angle of the lights and the placement of light sources. By minimising glare, the design improves visibility for pedestrians and drivers, reducing eye strain and enhancing safety. By supplying sufficient illumination and minimising shadows and blind spots, lighting design enhances visibility, reduces accidents, and enhances security. In terms of security, proper lighting design helps to deter criminal activities by illuminating the area effectively. By eliminating dark corners and blind spots, the design enhances visibility, making it easier to monitor the surroundings and identify potential threats. Our sustainable permanent lighting solution has achieved incredible results for our customers, see how they saved on operational costs and their CO2e emissions.

Aesthetic Appeal

While functionality and performance are primary considerations, the visual impact of the lighting design should not be overlooked. Well-designed solar street lights can enhance the overall aesthetics of an area, creating a visually pleasing environment. Properly placed and well-designed lights can complement the architectural features of the surrounding area, contributing to a pleasant ambiance. By integrating the lights seamlessly into the landscape and using appropriate fixtures, the design creates a visually pleasing environment during both daytime and nighttime.

In conclusion, lighting design for permanent solar street lights is important as it ensures optimal performance, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, security, and aesthetic appeal. A well-designed lighting system enhances the overall functionality and visual appeal of the area while maximising the utilisation of solar power.

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