At Prolectric, we’ve started the new year with celebrations, marking a significant achievement in customer savings. Since launching our first solar lighting tower, we have saved our customers 27 million kg of CO2 and reduced diesel usage by more than 10.2 million litres, representing a customer saving of more than £10 million.

As a leading manufacturer of sustainable solar lighting and solar hybrid power generators, we serve a wide range of industries from construction, housebuilding, MOD and rail to major infrastructure. As a solar-first business, we are focused on setting new engineering standards in solar lighting, power technology and advanced automation software, which ensures our solar products work all year round, whatever the conditions.

Our solar technology provides a practical way for businesses to achieve their carbon-reduction commitments. It enables the simple switch from fossil-fuelled and mains-powered systems with a comprehensive range of direct like-for-like diesel replacements.

Rachel Preen, Managing Director, Prolectric, said: “Reaching a solar saving of £10m milestone for our customers couldn’t be a better way to start the new year. For businesses who have joined the solar revolution and are now someway into their journey, seeing it paying dividends brings additional confidence and even more power to our collective cause. While solar energy solutions are being adopted at pace across the UK, there remains a significant job to do to clearly convey the value proposition that renewable power solutions offer.

“We are equally encouraged by the recent COP28 and the first global pledge deal urging industries to move away from the use of fossil fuels. As the world wakes up to the need to find alternatives to diesel, we are able to provide support from our years of experience, robust performance data and fiscal proof to show that switching to solar makes good environmental and commercial business sense.”                                                                                

We are committed to working collaboratively with customers to provide practical and commercially viable ways for businesses to move away from fossil-fuels to reduce carbon emissions, achieve their net-zero goals, and save money.

Our innovative carbon and cost saving calculator can help businesses identify their potential savings with a shift to solar.