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What is your current role, and what are your main responsibilities?

I’m Jack Williams, the Factory Manager at Prolectric. My main responsibilities include working closely with the Lighting and Power Department Supervisors, along with the Operations Manager. I oversee and work closely across both departments, lighting and power.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My daily responsibilities revolve around making sure production is on schedule, along with keeping up-to-date with client orders and that we’re following the processes that we have in place.

I regularly monitor the progress and performance of the two departments, this allows me to identify potential bottlenecks and areas needing improvement, which I then address through coaching and support.

I liaise with the Permanent Lighting Installation Team as they’re always on the road or working on client sites. I hold regular meetings to plan and organise the installation schedule with the different streams of jobs, whether that’s going around the country working on smaller jobs for half a day or working on larger projects for a number of weeks.

What are some of the most exciting projects you have worked on recently?

I would probably say working on the ProPower range in general, it’s still a fairly new product range but the exciting part is that we’re constantly working with the R&D crew to make it even better.

The Operations and R&D team work really closely together to bring new products into production, so it’s always great when we’re completing the final testing of a new product, when it’s transitioning to the operational phase; rather, than in active development.

What common misconceptions about your industry would you like to dispel?

Nowadays, an increasing number of customers and individuals are turning towards solar solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions. This trend is even noticeable among major contractors like Balfour Beatty and Torrent Trackside, who have embraced solar technology within their operations.

However, there still exist a few who might hold onto outdated beliefs. Some might think that solar isn’t effective or reliable. Yet, our track record over the years has demonstrated the contrary. We’ve consistently proven that solar technology is dependable and works effectively year-round, provided the setups are done correctly. I’ve personally witnessed solar systems functioning as they should, producing reliable power and making a significant impact.