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Prolectric and Torrent Trackside Sponsor PWI Technical Seminar

On the 10th November 2022, Prolectric were proud to sponsor the PWI Technical Seminar Sustainable Infrastructure.

The seminar tackled the themes that are critical to achieving sustainable practices in the rail industry.

The day brought together like-minded professionals from across the rail industry to share opinions, insights and the latest emerging product and service innovations.

Dave Burns from our in-house product development team and Richard Middlebrook, one of our key account managers, were on hand to discuss how Prolectric have tackled sustainability challenges in the rail sector – specifically via our range of solar trackside lighting solutions and hybrid power generators.

The rail sector is enormous, and the projects are often substantial. With so much trackside work being carried out at night, the night-time lighting and power generation needs are often significant. Traditionally, the rail sector has relied heavily on vast fleets of fossil-fuelled diesel systems to fulfil these demands.

Together, Prolectric and Torrent Trackside aimed to disrupt this way of thinking. We have made sure that sustainable technology is easily accessible – bringing environmentally friendly solar and battery technology to the market in place of diesel.

We have proven, through research and development, extensive seasonal testing and real-world projects, that clean, quiet, sustainable solar and battery technology can not only reduce but completely replace these fossil fuel fleets.