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We are delighted to announce that Prolectric have been awarded a Gold CSR Accreditation in recognition of our continued contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a market leader in sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting, power and security solutions, our gold CSR certification recognises that we take active steps to ensure our business activities have a positive impact on society.

The accreditation demonstrates that Prolectric is leading the way by creating a forward thinking, socially aware and environmentally conscious business for both employees, customers and our community.

“A huge congratulations to Chris Williams and his team. CSR sits at the center of their business. Their submission demonstrates the high levels of CSR already underway which form key elements of their business objectives. They have created a formal CSR policy which shows continuous improvement actions have been encapsulated within the overall company wide strategic objectives, and form part of their annual review process”, Richard Collins – CSR Accreditation

The four pillars of CSR

For over 10 years Prolectric has brought low carbon solutions to key infrastructure sectors, including construction, rail, housebuilders and local authorities. Our technology means no diesel, no emissions and no noise. As such, many of our activities naturally fit under the four pillars of CSR – environmental activities, workplace activities, community activities, philanthropic activities.

  • Environmental activities: approximately 9,950,000 kg of CO2 savings have been achieved since we launched our first solar lighting tower in 2016. Other company wide environmental activities include Initiatives for heating, reduced water consumption, EV charge points and use of our own solar generated energy.
  • Workplace activities: initiatives include recently working with North Somerset Council to plant 500 trees, and client and staff surveys to ensure that we capture and positively act upon feedback, suggestions and ideas. We have also formed a CSR working group, formed of a wide cross section of team members from across the company – dedicated to taking new initiatives forward.
  • Community activities: via a dedicated fund, we support a number of community groups, such as local sports and youth clubs. We also play an active role in the ‘Rewilding North Somerset’ initiative (which aims to plant 50,000 trees over the coming years), as well as working with local and environmentally conscious suppliers where possible.
  • Philanthropic activities: Prolectric supports various groups, charities and trusts with free complimentary product and installation as well as straightforward sponsorship for local sports clubs that demonstrate a commitment to youth development.

Leading the way

Our Managing Director Chris Williams, who has been involved in environmentally related businesses for the majority of his working career, commented, “Prolectric’s vision is to educate, help and enable businesses to switch to more sustainable lighting and power solutions as quickly as possible – but not just through the use of our product range. As holders of a Gold CSR accreditation, we understand the active steps that any business can take to help them achieve their environmental goals. We are happy to speak to any business about CSR and share the experiences of our CSR journey”.

How you can do your part

To find out more about CSR and the positive impacts for both your business and the wider environment, you can visit the CSR Accreditation website (, or contact Prolectric on 01275 400 570 and we will be happy to tell you more.

You can find out more about our range of environmentally friendly lighting, power and security solutions, here:

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