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Your 5-min guide to cutting carbon and costs

Telematics is booming. In recent years, we’ve seen an exponential rise in remote technology, helping thousands of businesses in the constructioninfrastructure and rail industries to improve safety standards, achieve greater efficiencies, and cut carbon and costs.

The rise in telematics is being fuelled by an ever-growing need for reliable, real-time data and asset tracking across all forms of mobile equipment. This information can be used to monitor and react quickly to on-site changes and challenges and to intelligently predict future requirements.

At Prolectric, we’re seeing huge demand for our telematics software for remote fleet management of our award-winning solar lighting towers and market-leading solar hybrid generators.  It’s a game changer – by combining intelligent hardware, software and GPS tracking for remote monitoring and control, our Smart Remote Portal are helping businesses achieve their carbon-saving commitments while simultaneously cutting fuel costs by up to 90%.

What Is Telematics?

The word telematics comes from telecommunications and informatics. Information from equipment is transmitted over a cellular network and then analysed on a secure server to gain actionable insights.

In practice, it enables you to monitor your equipment remotely from anywhere. It can give you detailed real-time information on things like energy consumption, fuel levels, location and usage, as well as the ability to diagnose faults and control specific functions from afar.

How Telematics Can Cut Carbon And Costs

Prolectric’s Smart Remote Portal go further than standard telematics, helping you cut both carbon and costs.

  • Solar inputs: Get near real-time data on the amount of power your solar panels are generating.
  • Carbon savings: Data showing how much carbon is being saved.
  • Diesel cost savings: Shows you exactly how much you’ve saved compared to diesel usage.
  • Energy consumption: Monitor the amount of power your system uses and receive alerts when it exceeds your desired threshold.
  • Battery status: 24/7 access to charge and discharge status to ensure it’s always at optimal levels.
  • Asset optimisation: Monitors the performance of the asset and provides alerts to help reduce diesel use with free solar power.

Other Key Benefits Of Prolectric Telematics

Cutting-edge access to critical performance data for each unit, with customised real-time responsive control and alert functionality from any location.

  • Fleet management: GPS location tracking helps to improve security and track your fleet.
  • Reduce idling: Monitor how your assets are being used, so you can intervene quickly and identify opportunities for future training to lower fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce on-site management: Efficient remote diagnostics and corrective management.
  • Plant and equipment hire companies: Track where and when your assets are on hire for correct billing and optimised utilisation.
  • Improved maintenance programs: Remote usage monitoring means you can better plan for servicing and maintenance, reducing downtime and maximising utilisation.
  • Identify issues quicker: Improve productivity and communication between teams.
  • Quick and easy access to reports: Remotely monitor key KPIs and run compliance reports for fuel tax reporting.
  • Versatility: If you have your own systems and don’t need our portal, Prolectric can set up APIs to interact with your systems.

The Smart Remote Portal

Proven to reduce fossil-fuel use by up to 90%, the portal continuously monitors over 400 pieces of telemetry data to give you a complete view of each unit’s operating condition. This enables you to maximise the generation and use of clean, free solar power in near real-time.

The portal is unique to the industry, giving our mobile solar lighting towers the ability to determine the solar conditions in their location and use advanced technology to adjust, ensuring they work throughout the night, all year round and in all weather conditions.

It provides cutting-edge access to critical performance data for each unit and allows you to control functionality from any location, including programming and scheduling on/off times for each unit.