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Join us at the The Future Shape of Social Responsibility seminar on the World CSR day

Our Managing Director Chris Williams is delighted to join the ‘Environment Pillar’ expert panel at “The Future Shape of Social Responsibility Seminar” for the World CSR day on the 18th of February.

Chris will be discussing the experiences of Prolectric in the sector and how innovative thinking and being eco-positive can positively impact your business.

This seminar is an online event open to all and includes all CSR partners and their invited audiences. It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from the experience of the panel of experts from the CSR arena.

The event consists of 4 one-hour long seminars hosted by CSR influencers and professionals. Each exploring one of the CSR Four Pillars of Environment, Workplace, Community and Philanthropy.

Join us on the 18th of February and learn how to make sustainability and social responsibility work for your business.

Sign up for free on the following link:

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