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ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator at Commercial Building Site

Why choose a Solar Generator?

Prolectric is the UK’s first specialist supplier for off-grid renewable power generators. The ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator is a revolutionary off-grid sustainable power solution that has been specially designed to deliver temporary power to the infrastructure, construction and events sectors, amongst others.

Our power generators provide a dependable, reliable and eco-friendly power supply and can be used as the primary source of off-grid power. Our environmentally friendly solar power units help you achieve a massive reduction in diesel usage, so fuel and labour costs are dramatically reduced, normal running is silent, and emissions are minimal.

Advanced Technology

Manage your ProPower from anywhere, anytime using our Smart Remote Portals’ powerful remote-control functionality. The portal enables analysis, optimisation and reporting of the power used by connected onsite equipment. So it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed can be monitored and recorded. Each ProPower is equipped with a microcontroller, the Prolectric Hub, and GPS tracking, giving complete peace of mind for managers. You can monitor and run diagnostics without attending onsite, saving you time and money!

Benefits of Prolectric Solar Solutions

Together with significant costs savings, our products dramatically reduce your environmental impact and emissions, highlighting your commitment to sustainability.


ProPower annual carbon savings vs a 40kVA diesel generator

25,388 kg CO2e


ProPower annual fuel savings vs a 40kVA diesel generator

9,473 litres equivalent to £14,683

Carbon savings

Through our solar solutions our customers have mitigated over 29 million kg of CO2 emissions!

cost savings

To date we have saved our customers over £11 million in fuel and labour costs!

ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator

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single phase propower at film shoot

Versatile applications

  • Welfare cabins and site offices
  • Charging of power tools
  • Charging of electrical plant equipment
  • General onsite temporary power
  • Event and festival power supply
  • Film set off-grid power


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The ProPower packs the latest solar and Li-ion battery storage technology onto a static skid or trailer mount – making it a clean, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solar hybrid generator that can significantly cut your fuel usage by up to 90% and dramatically  save carbon emissions, while saving you money.

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  • Delivery and fuel costs will be chargeable for the customers account.
  • Any damages incurred during the trial are chargeable.
  • This trial is for the ProPower Solar Hybrid Generator – Single-Phase.
  • Training will be provided in the use and application of the ProPower to ensure the customer receives the best value out of the trial period.
  • After the trial a report will be provided on the savings and usage over the period.
  • Prolectric reserves the right to refuse a trial request if it is not in line with the business objectives.
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